Read by Steve Rudolph • Music by William Seegers
Written and Produced by William J. Meyer​​​​​​​
Long ago in a hidden kingdom, Mtilan the Unborn King pledges his life to Legion, the fallen spirit from beyond the veil of time. Learning dark and forbidden magic, the new sorcerer gains both immortality and incredible power— but sacrifices his soul.

Over a millennium later, siblings Pekra and Lely reluctantly journey with their father’s killer across their island of peril. They seek the mythical cottonwood tree, the first child of their god Ura, hoping to defend its sacred life from both Mtilan and his itinerant Master.

But the brave siblings are children of the deer-folk known as the Gaewyn, a persecuted people. They voyage toward an uncertain fate unaware mainlanders have crashed on their island, bringing those who would enslave them a new, deadly technology— the gun.
The Island
Is Naosaleyn the cradle of all life?

Explore the perilous island of Naosaleyn 
with a digital bundle of nine maps
Steve RudolphReader
Steve started his radio career in 1959 as a Boy Scout in High School. At one time Steve worked at four different radio stations with four different names using four different formats. His radio career took him from Eau Claire, Wisconsin to Boston, Massachusetts to Colorado Springs, Colorado and to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Steve's voice has appeared in commercials, video games, and educational media.​ 
Steve also stars in the six-part mini-series And Worms Do Not Destroyanother fantasy-adventure set on the island of Naosaleyn.
William Seegers Music
William grew up in Houston, Texas and found his passion for film scoring at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He contributes music to many artforms including film, podcasts, plays, tabletop games, and video games.

William J. Meyer • Writer and Producer
William is a playwright, novelist, and screenwriter. His audio work has been chosen as a Platinum Selection of the HEAR Now Festival, a Showcase Selection of the PodTales Festival, Co-Winner of the Audio Verse Awards Writing of a New Spoken Word Production, and awarded Best Speculative Fiction Story (Long Form) from the Parsec Awards. He is from Wisconsin but now lives in Los Angeles. He misses the snow but not the cold.​​​​​​​

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Fire on the Mound  has been fortunate to be recognized by 
The Podcast Host, the Parsec Awards, and the Geekie Awards.

2016 The Podcast Host Fiction Podcast of the Week
2014 Parsec Awards Best Speculative Fiction Story (Long Form)
  2013 Geekie Awards Best Narrative Audio Series

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